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Helping You Get Healthy


Nothing matters more than your health, which is why I have invested so much time and effort into advancing my surgical practice and techniques. I would be happy to help you and discuss your questions at an initial surgical consultation.

Initial Surgical Consultation: Service

What to bring

Preparing for your initial consultation

Please bring you Medical Services Plan (MSP) card or drivers licence displaying your Personal Health Number. 

Please complete and bring all forms provided by your GPs office, detailing your medical and surgical history.

A complete list of all current medications that you are taking.

Nurse Making Notes
Using a Touch Phone

Confirming an Appointment

Reminding you of your initial consultation

Your will receive an electronic reminders of your office appointment and/or surgery date, to help you plan your schedule.  Your will receive these messages as text messages or emails.  To confirm your appointment you simply reply to the text or email...and you are confirmed.  The office will contact you if there are any issues that need to be clarified.


Getting the most out of your initial consultation

1. Fraser Health Authority Medical History 4 page form

2. Dr. MacKenzie's Preoperative Medical History form

Medical form with stethoscope
Initial Surgical Consultation: Service
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